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Say Hello to Cookies, Creativity
and Connections!

Your online source for fresh-baked cookies, delivered to businesses across the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.

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Hey, We’re
Hello Cookie…

We’re here to help businesses and organizations increase engagement, build teams, welcome new employees, ignite client and community relationships, and add a dash of wonder to the workplace.

When a box of our delicious fresh-baked cookies arrives at your office event, client meeting, or as a way to make newbies feel at ease on their first day, people light up. They smile. And thanks to our built-in conversation starters, they get to know each other better. 

*According to a study conducted by the Department of Economics at the University of Warwick

*According to a study conducted by the Department of Economics at the University of Warwick


More and more, companies are recognizing that building a sense of community at work is the key to increasing engagement, productivity, and employee retention.

Hello Cookie™ is the easy, effective, edible way to help your business create a positive, playful work environment that makes clients and new hires feel welcome, and employees at all levels feel more valued.


How can a cookie
do all that?

First, it’s not just any cookie. These just might be the most delectable, mouthwatering cookies you’ve ever tasted…a curated collection of uniquely yummy varieties made from fresh, natural ingredients, including gluten-free options. 

Each Hello Cookie comes with a napkin featuring creative, curiosity-inspiring icebreaker questions designed to get people talking. We can even customize the questions for your specific event!

The icebreakers are about taking time to welcome new team members, for everyone to continue to learn and get to know each other. And the cookies are soooo good...YUM.
— Laura Dawson, Director, Communication & Marketing Operations, Healthpartners

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